Vote Labor!

The UTD Labor Ticket is a diverse coalition of students committed to labor rights, transparency, and student engagement. We think that too often, the most disadvantaged students at UTD are given the least representation in campus leadership positions. We want to hold UTD accountable for the mistreatment of student workers (especially international students) and advocate for a less opaque administration. We're fighting to build a UTD that is more ethical, sustainable, and inclusive. Join us!

Vote Ayoub Mohammed this Wednesday!

The Presidential Runoff Election

We've won eight senate seats in student government next year! However, since the presidential election was so close, there is a runoff election this Wednesday, 4/3. To support the Labor ticket in the runoff, vote for Ayoub Mohammed using the link in your UTD email. We came within 6 votes of beating Ignite in the last election, so every vote counts this Wednesday!

Student Workers and Chartwells

We are deeply concerned by reports that Chartwells, UTD's food service contractor, is mistreating and taking advantage of student workers. For too long, student government and campus administration has brushed aside allegations of harassment, wage withholding, and mismanagement. As reported in The Mercury, Chartwells encourages managers to prey on the most vulnerable student population, international students. Furthermore, Chartwells does not properly train employees or correctly handle allegations of harassment. If elected, we will fight for a full, independent investigation into Chartwells, and lobby the UTD administration to switch to a more responsible food service contractor.

Transparency & Engagement

We believe student government, and the UTD administration in general, should be transparent, open, and accessible. We believe that instead of allowing subcontractors to investigate themseleves when grievances arise, UTD should conduct independent audits and make them publicly available. We will fight to make student government more accessible to the general student body by building a strong online presence for it.


Indian Student Association
Arab Student Association
The UTD Democratic Socialists of America

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If you want to help us build a better UTD, sign up using this form. We'll be in touch about events and volunteering opportunities throughout the campaign.